Ying Ming Farm
Ying Ming Farm
Yuen Long
Hormone Free
About the Producer
Located in Yuen Long, Ying Ming Farm is managed by second-generation farmer Mr. Wan who has 50+ years of pig-farming experience since childhood. In 2014, Ying Ming Farm imported Black Iberian pigs from Taiwan with genetic make-up of Spanish, English and Japanese Iberico, and have been specializing in 100% locally bred and raised Black Iberian pigs which take more than 9 months to mature. With Mr. Wan’s emphasis on the authenticity of his iberico pork, his iberico pork is only sold in his own retail shop in Yuen Long with only one Black Iberian pig butchered everyday. Therefore their pork has been very popular among housewives and is well-known for its richer flavour.
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