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About the Producer
Worldwide Seafood Ltd. was founded in 1973 and operation over 40 years in Hong Kong, Macau, Canada and U.S.A.

We are wholesaler and provide high quality of seafood products which are imported from overseas directly, primarily supplying our products to major hotels, private clubs, casinos, cruises, air-catering and high-class restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. We are also proudly awarded HACCP & ISO 22000 food safety certification which ensure our products comply to food safety standard. We are actively supporting "Sustainable Seafood Development", ensure that our future generations will be to feed from the sea and preserve the Earth's resources.
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday to Saturday   2-Day Delivery
Food Licence
Food Factory License for live, chilled and frozen shellfish and poultry and fish and meat 受限制食物售賣許可證: 2911143382
Frozen Sardine
Frozen Sardine Portugal ~1.00 kg
2-Day Delivery
Fresh Skinless Boneless Salmon
2-Day Delivery
Halibut Steak
Halibut Steak Canada ~300g
2-Day Delivery
Cooked Special Lump Crab Meat (Tin)
2-Day Delivery
Chilled Cooked Crab Claw Meat (Tin)
2-Day Delivery
Cooked Special Lump Crab Meat (Cup)
2-Day Delivery
Wild Coho Steak Salmon Steak
2-Day Delivery
Natural Juices Organic Cooked Mussel
2-Day Delivery
Chilled Cooked Jumbo Lump Crab Meat (Tin)
2-Day Delivery