About the Producer

The leading brand of fish extract and the first company to product fish soluble by eco-farming of milkfish.

Mr Fish is co-operated by three experts in different fields. A pioneer from environmental protection groups, pay attention to environmental protection; a food expert from food industry, focus on food safety and deliciousness; a corporate management, put emphasis on the value of corporate social responsibility. These three people in these different fields have the same goal, "Take care of families’ health by giving the purest and the most natural food."

Mr Fish’s headquarters is located in Taiwan, is the leading brand of milkfish extract and is the first company to produce fish essence by Ecological Farming of milkfish. The 100% authentic and natural product is now sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and PRC.

In order to offer a safe beverage to consumers, we insist on the highest standard of quality control throughout the entire process from the source of fish.

As the FIRST milkfish essence brand in Hong Kong & Macau, we introduce this healthy food from Taiwan to PRC, Hong Kong and Macau, bringing natural, non-additive, mild products to all kinds of people.
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Mr Fish Milkfish Essence (Frozen) Hong Kong ~60ml X 15 pick
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