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Wing Ming Farm
Wing Ming Farm
Yuen Long
(188 )
HK Local
Hormone Free
About the Producer
Wing Ming farm is a family-own business managed by chicken farmer Mr. Lee who has 30+ years in raising and breeding chicken, their Wing Ming Chicken is 100% locally raised with premium feed consists of corn and sustainable fish powder, and without any antibiotics or added hormone. Their Silkie chicken is known for smooth texture and sweet flavour, best suited for soup and steaming.

Livestock Keeping Licence: LK1106
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Food Licence
Livestock Keeping Licence 漁農自然護理處飼養禽畜牌照: LK1106
Permit 許可證: 004255
Permit registered address 地址: Store M092, Tau Kiu Market, 2 Kiu Lok Square, Yuen Long
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