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About the Producer
Wealth Seafood Ltd. established since 2000, over the years to import frozen seafood as our the major business. We are operating high-quality shrimp and fish products wholesale, and with many parts of the world food supply companies networking; to ensure safe and reliable source of food, fresh first an affordable solution.

We will stick to the fresh first, customer supreme principle; make every effort to provide quality services to ensure that customers buy at ease, eat with joy! Welcome to buy and visit us!
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Food Licence
Food Distributor/ Importer Registration No 食物分銷/進口商登記號碼: TR-12-002014
Hokkaido Scallop Meat M (Sashimi)
10% off
Next Day Delivery
$345.0 $385.0
Vannamei Shrimp Meat 31-40
12% off
Next Day Delivery
$138.0 $158.0
Soft Shell Crab 70-100
11% off
Next Day Delivery
$158.0 $178.0
Local Pompano
Local Pompano Hong Kong abt 1 cty / Pc
Next Day Delivery
Local Grey Mullet
Local Grey Mullet Hong Kong 1 catty
Next Day Delivery
Canadian Scallop Meat 20-30 (For cook)
11% off
Next Day Delivery
$160.0 $180.0
Breaded Torpedo Shrimp Meat
15% off
Next Day Delivery
$38.0 $45.0