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Veggie Coming Home
Veggie Coming Home
Yuen Long
HK Local
About the Producer
Veggie Coming Home is a state of the art, trendsetting indoor hydroponic farm, using modular based multilevel vertical farming methods and utilizing innovative technology to create a controlled and resource efficient indoor farm, which is based here in Hong Kong. We practice industry leading Controlled Environment Agriculture where crops such as leafy greens, edible flowers and herbs are grown in a sealed greenhouse, mimicking nature’s pure freshness, cleanliness and tastiness for a nutritious consistently top class crop all year round. Veggie Coming Home supports the development of a multifaceted hospitality industry in Hong Kong, in particular the food industry. Our mission is to produce and provide the discerning people of Hong Kong with perfect quality hydroponically grown urban farm fresh vegetables. We invite you to try our products and to support our local farm industry.
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