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Sustenir Agriculture
Sustenir Agriculture
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Sustenir Agriculture is a local vertical farm that grows quality and highly nutritious farm-to-table fresh produce. Using the latest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques, our indoor growing technology allows for 100% clean and fresh produce to be grown without exposure to soil, pesticides, air pollution and heavy metals. We are able to grow varieties that are non-native to the local climate, eliminating the dependence on imports and making Sustenir’s produce both socially and environmentally responsible. Compared to traditional farming, we use: • 80% less fertilizer • 95% less water • No pesticides • No arable land • No soil For more information on what we do and why we do it, visit And if you’re looking for engaging, reliable and unbiased content on how to be healthier, live more sustainably and better support your local community check out our lifestyle platform Sustenir Life at
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