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Sampo Tree Organic Farm
Sampo Tree Organic Farm
Yuen Long
(107 )
HK Local
Plastic Lite
About the Producer
I am a full time local organic farmer who likes spending most of my day on the open field, touching and sensing every bit of warm earth and organic matters. Sampo Tree Organic Farm grows all year round crops and product variety ranges from leafy vegetables to large summer melons. We focus on proper organic farming practices, that is - growing quality and consistent produce while balancing environmental impacts and maintaining sustainability.
Availability for Delivery
Mon - Sat
Food Licence
HKORC Organic Certification No. 有機認證編號: C14017
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22% off
Grape Tomato - Organic
Grape Tomato - Organic
Sampo Tree...
Hong Kong
$25.0 $32.0
25% off
Yellow Cherry Tomato - Organic
17% off
Cheery Tomato On Vine- Organic