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Pacific Rich Resources
Pacific Rich Resources
Kwai Chung
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About the Producer
Pacific Rich Resources (PRR) is headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in Hong Kong, China. Its focus is to bring quality responsibly sourced seafood to Asian Pacific Rim markets. Based in Asia, PRR offers products to suit the variances of the cosmopolitan Asian markets. Seafood is sourced from both the northern and southern hemispheres; and from wild catch and aquaculture. All our products are accredited ‘sustainable’ with a full metric available as to their compliance, known as the ‘chain of custody’. This is made available to all clients upon request.
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Food Licence
Food Factory Licence 食物製造廠 : 2992806363
Registered address 地址: Unit 17 & 19, 8/F, BLK B, Sun Fung Centre, 88 Kwok Shui Road, Kwai Chung, NT
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