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New Age Organic Farm
New Age Organic Farm
Yuen Long
(318 )
HK Local
Plastic Lite
About the Producer
New Age Organic Farm was founded in October 2015. On 29 November, 2017, it was officially certified as an organic farm by the Hong Kong Organic Resources Certification Ltd. (HKORC), and its registration number is C16010.

Its mission is to provide a healthy life style to its clients by producing the best possible quality produces for their pleasure and consumption, at the same time, to maintain a sustainable environment for our future generations by reducing the carbon footprint, and to foster and promote environmental protection, organic farming and family cohesion through self-farming scheme and other related activities. In producing its produces, it strictly adhere to the principles of organic farming by re-use, re-cycling and reducing wastage with a view to maintaining a sustainable environment.
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Food Licence
HKORC Organic Certification No. 有機認證編號: C16010
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