Mrs Li Fresh Mushroom Wholesales
Mrs Li Fresh Mushroom Wholesales
Sai Ying Pun
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About the Producer
Established in 1984, Mrs Li Fresh Mushroom Wholesale has been supplying Hong Kong's wet markets and distributors with quality mushrooms and vegetables for almost 30 years. We are proud to be a non-corporate, family run business that hasn't forgotten our roots and still represent the same passion for quality, service and values that we were built on and our customers can rely on. Started with selling just one product: the straw mushroom, Mrs Li's has expanded to all types of mushrooms and vegetables. Our products are carefully selected and sourced and we stand by them 100%. We are committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality mushrooms and vegetables to our customers and ultimately, the consumers.
Availability for Delivery
Monday to Friday   Next Day Delivery
Thai Okra Thailand ~300 g
24% off
Next Day Delivery
$22.0 $29.0
Broccoli China ~600 g
25% off
Next Day Delivery
$21.0 $28.0
16% off
Next Day Delivery
$15.0 $18.0
Thai Baby corn Thailand ~100g
28% off
Next Day Delivery
$10.0 $14.0
5% off
Next Day Delivery
$19.0 $20.0
Yard long beans China ~500 g
32% off
Next Day Delivery
$21.0 $31.0
Tofu Puff Hong Kong ~200g
20% off
Next Day Delivery
$19.0 $24.0
Tomato China ~600 g
33% off
Next Day Delivery
$18.0 $27.0