MoVertical Farm
MoVertical Farm
Kam Tin
HK Local
About the Producer
[MoVertical Farm] is Hong Kong's first Agri-Tech Farm, which aims to produce and supply high quality, nutritious and tasty ingredients to the market.

Since the founding of the farm, the company has been committed to research and development, non-stop producing fish and vegetables in Hong Kong. The technology has obtained the world's multinational patent (Sky Aquaponic Factory of Eco-Food, SAFE) certification. During the culture process, the fish will fully experience the simulated natural environment, unique man-made water current, in the three-dimensional culture tank, so that the fish can get enough exercise, just like going to gym every day. After eating our fish, all customers awarded many LIKEs to us!

Besides high-tech elements, the company also takes into account corporate responsibility and strives to do environmental protection and recycling of resources to make the fish farming industry sustainable in Hong Kong!

We do our best to raise the fish, but also make full use of the natural fish cultured water (that is, the fertile water from the fish pond) to grow vegetables, which is a FISH FARMED VEGETABLES! Fresh, pure, natural.....

In addition, we are also striving to collect and explore the high quality, natural, healthy unique ingredients in different regions of the world to promote the enjoyment of eating and drinking.

I hope everyone encourages healthy eating and supports our efforts.
Availability for Delivery
Monday to Friday   Next Day Delivery
Food Licence
Hong Kong Q-Mark Licence 香港優質標誌: C752
Accredited Fish Farm Registration 優質魚場登記證: P15009
Registered Address 地址: D.D. 109, Lot 819, Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin, N.T., Hong Kong
Natural Coffee Flower Honey Papua New Guinea ~250 g
Earliest 04/07
First Harvest Seaweed Fujian ~25 g x 6 pkg
Earliest 04/07
Earliest 04/07