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Local Shan Shui Pork
Local Shan Shui Pork
Sheung Shui
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About the Producer

We proudly present the 'Local Shan Shui Pork', a juicy, fresh and delicious pork brand originated in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

Choosing local pork for your meal can effectively reduce the carbon footprint caused by long distance transport. The short distance between farm and butcher house can also avoid the averse effect caused by long traffic to the pork quality. 'Local Shan Shui Pork' came from local hogs raised in farm along Clear Water Bay Road, a location famed for lovely scenery and clean environment. As one of the few remaining local hog raisers, the Sai Kung pig farm is an experienced operator with full compliance to government regulations, hence guaranteeing the safety and quality of its pork products.

Quality, Safety and Health - these are the three guiding principles adopted by us in selecting the best pork products for your everyday. We wish you to enjoy our 'Local Shan Shui Pork'!
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