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About the Producer
Kwong Hing Tang has more than ten years of experience in ginseng and dried seafood. And mainly sells traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng and dried seafood. Our products coming from all over the world. It is committed to provide customers with diversified products.
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday to Saturday   3-Day Delivery
Health Beauty Tea
Health Beauty Tea China 1 pack
3-Day Delivery
Nourishing health Tea
3-Day Delivery
Chrysanthemum China 100g
3-Day Delivery
Golden Burdock Tea
3-Day Delivery
Yu Ping Feng Tea
Yu Ping Feng Tea China 1 pack
3-Day Delivery
Liver Heat Clearing Herbal Tea
3-Day Delivery
Rose Tea
Rose Tea China 75g
3-Day Delivery
Roselle Tea
Roselle Tea China 75g
3-Day Delivery
Snow Chrysanthemum
3-Day Delivery
Large Red Date
Large Red Date China 225g
3-Day Delivery