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Best Deals of the Week

14% off
Fresh Salmon Fillet ORA KING (New...
Waves Pacific
New Zealand
$150 $174
~300 g
25% off
Spring Onion - Organic
Farm 28
Hong Kong
$15 $20
~100 g
80% off


Red Snapper Portions
Pacific Rich...
$18 $89
~120g x 3

Staff Picks

10% off
Tai On Chicken
Tai On Chicken
Hong Kong
$189 $210
~1-1.1 kg
Fresh Iberico Minced Pork
Ying Ming Farm
Hong Kong
~ 300 g
8% off
Fresh Silkie Chicken
Wing Ming Farm
Hong Kong
$250 $270
~1.2-1.4 kg
Fresh Pork Tailbone
Wah Kee Farm by...
Hong Kong
~300 g
Fresh Wing Ming Egg
Wing Ming Farm
Hong Kong
8 pcs
8% off
Abalone Pork & Mushroom Dumpling
Home ·...
Hong Kong
$116 $126
15 pcs


Portobello Mushrooms
Tung Cook
Hong Kong

Farmers' Picks

36% off
Red Watercress
MoVertical Farm
Hong Kong
$52 $81
White Turnip - Organic
Farmers Choice
Lanshan, China
Leafy Veggie Pack - Organic
Farmers Choice
Lanshan, China