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Honkin Square
Honkin Square
Kam Tin
HK Local
Hormone Free
About the Producer
Honkin Square specializes in local fresh agricultural produce. Our famous product is Kamei Chicken, an achievement of research in Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre. We know that customers concern about their health and food safety. Therefore, we raise Kamei Chicken in our own farms with all-natural feed without any artificial coloring, hormones or antibiotics etc. We have strict quality control system, ensuring that our chickens are all in good condition from farm to market. We believe that Kamei Chicken is a good choice for you. ***Please order before 17:30 to secure your whole chicken.***
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Fresh Kamei Chicken - Rooster - L
Honkin Square
Hong Kong
~1.5-1.66 kg
Fresh Kamei Chicken - Rooster - M
Honkin Square
Hong Kong
~1.15-1.25 kg
Kamei Chicken Breast (Frozen)
Honkin Square
Hong Kong