Sightseeing Strawberry Self-picking Garden
Sightseeing Strawberry Self-picking Garden
Ping Che
HK Local
About the Producer
Born in an agricultural family, I have been farming since I was a child. I left the farm to earn a living and realized that many produces contain pesticides. That is why I found Hong Kong Strawberry Self-picking farm in 2006.

Be truly organic is the conscience of our industry. We have been committed to organic ordinances for over 13 years, and our crops give my family, friends and our clients peace of mind.

Our farm has 18 acres of farmland. We have strawberry Taiwan jujube, pineapple, figs, dragon fruit, passion fruit, guava, potato, carrot, eggplant, rice, corn, mushroom.
Availability for Delivery
Monday to Friday   Next Day Delivery
Food Licence
OFDC IFOAM Certification 南京國環有機認證: OF-3106-852-2055