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Hong Kong Heritage Pork
Hong Kong Heritage Pork
Lau Fau Shan
(106 )
HK Local
Hormone Free
Gluten Free
About the Producer
Hong Kong Heritage Pork always strives to provide the best pork to HK people

The Freshest Pork from farm to table, daily! Daily from farms in Lau Fau Shan to Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse in 30 minutes, contributing fresher and better meat quality

The Best of the Best - the Exclusive "Tai Chi Pigs" Harvesting the best from world's best pork breeds, Berkshire, Danish Landrace and the red-haired Duroc, Tai Chi Pig, is gifted for best meat quality, well-balanced pork taste and texture.

The EU standard of food safety Deploying the world's leading agricultural veterinarians and technology to safeguard the pigs and the pork

100% of pigs from Hong Kong Heritage Pork are bred and raised in our own local farms. The pork is tested free of growth hormones and antibiotics remains. We are the only local farm that are double-certified by both CASTCO & Vitargent on food safety of our pork products.

To savour the best pork in town, Hong Kong Heritage Pork is your choice!
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Fresh Provision Store 新鮮糧食店: 3618801478
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