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Green At Heart
Green At Heart
North Point
(150 )
Hormone Free
Free Range
Gluten Free
Plastic Lite
About the Producer
Green at Heart started business in 2007 with 2 retail shops until 2016. We import from USA and Taiwan a comprehensive range of organic and natural dried foods. Now we focus mainly on importing organic fresh produces, e.g. tomato, beetroot, carrot, onion from Holland, pumpkin, orange, lemon, sweet potato from Spain, ginger, bananas from Peru, totaling more than 10 kinds, all chosen with care by the owner Peggy.

Peggy is also an advocate of food therapy based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Between the years 2011 to 2018 she took various diploma and certificate courses in food therapy. She is much amazed by the wonders of how simple food is the easy answer to some disturbing chronic health issues.

Around November, we will be launching 6-8 kinds of vegan soups made in Hong Kong using our imported organic fresh produces from Holland. More vegan and low GI items are in the pipeline. We hope to have your support to make our work more the worthwhile.
Availability for Delivery
Mon - Fri
Food Licence
Skal Biocontrole Organic Company Certificate 有機認證公司: 905980
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Cherry Tomatoes  - Organic
Cherry Tomatoes - Organic
Green At Heart
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Round Tomatoes - Organic
Round Tomatoes - Organic
Green At Heart
$54.0 $60.0