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Fu Ying Pork Butcher
Fu Ying Pork Butcher
Sai Ying Pun
(99 )
HK Local
Hormone Free
About the Producer
Fu Ying Pork Butcher offers locally raised pork, including Iberian pork that is quickly snowballing to popularity. The pigs’ diet are well balanced and monitored, thus the meat is free of harmful growth-enhancing hormones, leanness-enhancing agents or artificial coloring. Mr. Kwan's local pork come from HKAFCD-licensed farms local pig farms.

Free Upgrades on Friday Order for delivery on Friday to enjoy free upgrade to iberico pork.
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Food Licence
Fresh Provision Shop Licence 新鮮糧食店: 3618800730
Registered address 地址: Front Portion of G/F., No. 42 Third Street, Hong Kong
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