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Express Sky
Express Sky
San Po Kong
About the Producer
You are what you eat. Fresh food and beverages are now available direct from the source to your table with just a few clicks through Express Sky. We are a Hong Kong-based food distributor bringing fresh and healthy food to all. Handpicked both locally and globally, our partners include farms and importers with trackable origin. Each of our vendors has been thoroughly vetted to ensure food safety and quality, because we care, just as you do. Our farms grow food close-to-or-within-the communities that they intend to feed. Indoor farm allow expanding the size in our local warehouse, transforming our cities into urban landscapes which will provide fresh food grown and harvested just around the corner. Our produce arrives at your local store within hours of being hand-harvested, meaning your greens stay fresher, longer in your kitchen. No more pesticides or food that has lost its flavor in transportation. We monitor and manage temperature, humidity, and light to make sure the vegetables taste the way nature intended–full of flavor and nutrients. The qualified seeds that we used are imported from around the world. We providing various vegetable choices to our customer, e.g Lolla Rossa, Ice Queen, French Curly, Red Skirt Lettuce, Arugula.
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday - Saturday (Except Public Holiday)