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Emperor Chicken
Emperor Chicken
Cheung Sha Wan
HK Local
Hormone Free
About the Producer
lead researcher at the Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre of HKU, Mr. C.K. Cheng studied the genetic genealogy of Chinese chicken. His promise to let a cancer-suffering child taste chicken again had ultimately inspired and motivated him to found Emperor Chicken and Nanwang Chicken. Originated in Hong Kong, the Emperor and Nanwang brands represent the emperor and king of chicken in Guang Dong and the south of China respectively. They are characterized by facial and limb hair,or slimmer legs. While Emperor Chicken are farmed and sold alive in Hong Kong, Nanwang Chicken are nurtured, slaughtered, chilled and packaged in China under very stringent standards before they are supplied to Hong Kong daily. The premium quality of Emperor and Nanwang chickens comes from the hybrid vigor of hormone-free, natural cross-breeding among 8 original species of chickens that Mr. C. K. Cheng developed, which produces chickens that are low in fat but rich in flavor and collagen. We adhere to stringent standards in our farms and commission regular food safety tests at certified food safety labs in Hong Kong. Each chicken has a tag attached to one of its feet for tracking and authentication. To strengthen their health and natural immunity, small chicks are fed on ginseng mix from day 8 to 30 after hatching. Nanwang Girl chickens and Nanwang Boy chickens are nurtured for around 100-120 and 90-100 days respectively, weighted approximately 2-3 catties before they are sold in the market. They are generally smaller than regular chickens. The longer nurturing period allows the chicks to grow muscles naturally, hence retaining a better flavor. Our Nanwang Boy chickens carry less natural testosterone which makes them excellent for consumption during maternity or for general nutritional diet.
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