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Dr. Fruits
Dr. Fruits
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About the Producer
An online premium fruits retailer brand founded in 2016, founders have over a decade of experiences in the fruit industry. Dr. Fruits targets to provide the most premium fruits and remarkable service to her customers. Serving individual customers throughout Hong Kong, International Corporation as well as well-known restaurant in the city.

Licensed by FEHD of The HKSAR as one of the importers and distributors in Hong Kong. Only one of the few companies that runs import, wholesale, distribution and retail business in Hong Kong. Aim to connect the farmers around the world to the customers directly.
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday to Saturday   2-Day Delivery
Food Licence
Food Importer License 食物進口商: TR-18-000311
Spicy Bamboo Shoots
Spicy Bamboo Shoots Vietnam 700 g
50% off
2-Day Delivery
$38.0 $76.0
Zespri Jumbo Golden Kiwi
Zespri Jumbo Golden Kiwi New Zealand 4 pcs
18% off
2-Day Delivery
$88.0 $108.0
Japan Kabocha Squash (Pumpkin)
2-Day Delivery
White Nectarines
White Nectarines United States ~1 pounds
2-Day Delivery
Blueberries Aus/ Chile/ Peru 2 boxes
40% off
2-Day Delivery
$58.0 $98.0
Jumbo Avocado
Jumbo Avocado Australia 1 pc
17% off
2-Day Delivery
$48.0 $58.0
Jumbo Blueberries
Jumbo Blueberries Morocco ~120 g
2-Day Delivery
Avocado Mexico 2 pcs
20% off
2-Day Delivery
$38.0 $48.0
Nagasaki Taiyouran Eggs
2-Day Delivery
NZ/ITA Jumbo Gold Kiwi (Bulk)
26% off
2-Day Delivery
$368.0 $499.0