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Delicia Ltd.
Delicia Ltd.
Kwai Chung
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About the Producer
Delicia Ltd. was established in 1997 and is a fully HACCP Certified food service company providing wide range of value added convenience food. Delicia is recognized as a reliable distributor of premium quality imported meat, fish, and seafood worldwide.

Delicia Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Wing Kee Produce Limited. Wing Kee has grown into one of the premier importers and distributors of fresh produce and premium food products from over 50 countries worldwide. At the end of 2018, Delicia Ltd. expanded their operation to Macau to better serve the valuable customers in Macau.
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday to Saturday   3-Day Delivery
Alternative Burger (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
German Black Forest Sliced Ham
3-Day Delivery
Boneless Lamb Eye Loin (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
Boneless Lamb Tenderloin (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
Bone In Lamb Rack - Chilled
3-Day Delivery
Confit Duck Leg
Confit Duck Leg AUS ~440-520g
39% off
3-Day Delivery
$136.0 $226.0
Smoked Duck Breast (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
Duck Breast (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
Peking Duck Breast (Frozen)
3-Day Delivery
Cooked Red Quinoa (Chilled)
3-Day Delivery