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Theresa Mak known as Dashijie is a true master of the Cantonese cuisine. A gastronome, having penned 300+ recipes and renowned for hosting (cooking) the most exquisite dinner parties at her abode for those fortunate enough to be invited. Having established the Dashijie brand in 2009 under the encouragement of her mentor and teacher the late Mrs. Pearl Chan, Dashijie offers a range of Chinese New Year puddings, Mooncakes, Supreme Pure Chicken Essence and other fine foods strictly abiding to the motto of using the finest ingredients according to traditional recipes. Renowned for the “best Radish Cake in town”. The taste of home. I cook because of love for my family. My husband Joe, daughter Jenny & grandson Julian. There’s no room in my kitchen for added colouring, MSG or preservatives. I only select the best ingredients for my family, wouldn’t you?
From my family to yours,
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