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Burger Queen
Burger Queen
Kwai Chung
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About the Producer
Burger Queen established in 2019, Burger Queen is committed to introducing ingredients from all over the world and collecting food for meat lovers. This brand concept originated from the team’s concentration, dedicated to operating and selling high-quality Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu beef and Iberico pork burger steak. Today we further develop and put the concept of burger steak into other ingredients and change the name Burger Queen. Become a food brand that offers the best prices and buys the best quality ingredients, and continues to explore more Japanese meat products, including: premium pork chop, premium pork burger chop, premium wagyu steak, top wagyu beef slices Wait, let everyone "eat a good food"!
Availability for Delivery
Tuesday to Saturday   2-Day Delivery
Slow Cook - Pork Cartilage
22% off
2-Day Delivery
$69.0 $89.0
Wagyu beef & Iberico pork Hamburger Steak (2PC)
31% off
2-Day Delivery
$68.0 $99.0
Polish Hormone Free Chicken Wing
50% off
2-Day Delivery
$59.0 $120.0
Chicken Kidney Skewers (50PC)
29% off
2-Day Delivery
$159.0 $225.0
Chicken Knee Carilage Skewers (50PC)
26% off
2-Day Delivery
$250.0 $339.0
Smoked Turkey Leg (Cooked)
37% off
2-Day Delivery
$80.0 $129.0
Chicken Yakitori Momo Gushi (50PC)
26% off
2-Day Delivery
$159.0 $215.0
Sweden hormone-free chicken feet(2 bags)
27% off
2-Day Delivery
$65.0 $90.0
Seafood & chicken feet set (3 type of ingredient )
28% off
2-Day Delivery
$139.0 $195.0
Salmon Fin (500G)
Salmon Fin (500G) Norray ~500g
38% off
2-Day Delivery
$55.0 $89.0