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B.C. Fine Food
B.C. Fine Food
Kwai Chung
(174 )
HK Local
Hormone Free
Free Range
Gluten Free
About the Producer
B.C. Fine Food is a Canadian based company, we specialise in premium quality, wild sustainable seafood and self developed fine food. We offer healthy and certified organic product - without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, added-hormones and never genetically modified. Our seafood is eco-friendly and sustainable which minimise damages to the ocean's ecosystem. Over-fishing is a big no-no.
Availability for Delivery
Food Licence
Food Factory Licence 食物製造廠 : 2991804050
Registered address 地址: Workshop F on 21/Fm Goldfield Industrial Building, 144-150 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT.
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