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Aqua Millenium
Aqua Millenium
Sai Kung
(9 )
HK Local
Hormone Free
About the Producer
Aqua Millenium is one of the few established marine fish farms in Hong Kong. Located at the marine culture raft in Yung Shue Au, Sai Kung, we aims to promote and trade certified sustainable quality seafood. We are certified as Hong Kong Accredited Fish Farm as well as WWF's Eco-fish farm.

As a Hong Kong local brand, we strive to provide our customers with safe and delicious seafood option. As Hongkongers are getting more and more concern about food safety, it is important to know about the food source and the food safety certification in order to make sure that the food are safe and delicious.

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Availability for Delivery
Mon - Fri
Food Licence
Accredited Fish Farm 優質養魚場編號: M18002
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Swamp Eel - Frozen
Aqua Millenium
Hong Kong
~275 g