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Anniefood is a Online Gourmet Shop in HK, mainly sell high-quality Frozen Seafood and Meat in Hong Kong. Products are mainly imported from oversea (including: the United States, Japan, Italy, Scotland, Australia...), safety level are meet international standards. Maintaining food quality as our first priority. Anniefood has a 5,000-square-foot Frozen storage, to properly store all kinds of frozen and chilled food.
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Food Licence
Food Factory License 食物製造廠牌照: 2915801259
Scotland Smoked Salmon Sliced(S)
Next Day Delivery
NZ Small Neck Clam
NZ Small Neck Clam New Zealand 1kg
Next Day Delivery
Australia M5+ Wagyu Shoulder Sliced(Thin)
9% off
Next Day Delivery
$93.0 $103.0
French Quail Breast GMO free
Next Day Delivery
Japan UDon Noodle 5Pc
10% off
Next Day Delivery
$44.0 $49.0
JG Small Cake-Roasted Tea(36 Cut)
Next Day Delivery
Spain Legado Iberico Pork Loin Rib
Next Day Delivery
Scotland Smoked Salmon Sliced(M)
Next Day Delivery
Japan Shimp Croquette
Next Day Delivery
Spain 24-months Acorn feed Parma Ham
Next Day Delivery