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How We Work

Temperature regulated delivery for maximum freshness

Free for orders over $500

Your deliveries are 100% tracked from harvest, consolidation to delivery by Jou Sun. We carefully monitor the conditions in which your products are packed and transported, right up until the moment they are delivered, so that fresh items stay chilled and frozen items remain frozen.

Daily Order Cut Off Time 8:00 PM
Concierge Fee $25 (what is this?)

Green Delivery

Free when you spend $200

Arrives soonest in 2 days
Order prepared on the day before delivery and stored in temperature controlled warehouse. Delivered next day.
5-hour delivery window
Boxed delivery option only
$60 delivery fee for order below $200

Signature Delivery

Free when you spend $400

Arrives soonest by tomorrow
Prepared on delivery day. Delivered on the same day.

2-hour delivery window
Boxed and Unboxed delivery options
Not availabe for orders below $200
$35 delivery fee for orders between $200 - $400

Boxed Option

Your order will be delivered in a paper box.
Not going to be home? Signature Delivery boxed options are packed with extra ice to guarantee proper storage temperatures for the duration of your time slot. They will be left outside your doorstep.

Signature Delivery only
Unboxed Option

Loose bags are delivered in a container that our driver needs to retrieve immediately.

Not going to be home? Leave a chill box with icepacks at your doorstep with bold "JOU SUN DELIVERY" sign on it for our drivers to place items in the box.

Important Delivery Terms to Note

Delivery times slots are our best estimates, and subject to traffic, weather and other unexpected conditions. We will try to inform you of any delivery delays and make alternative delivery arrangements if possible. However, you cannot cancel your order due to delivery delays.

Some products require additional time to prepare. They are indicated by the button. You can see the earliest delivery time of that product in the product detail page.

Our drivers require direct vehicle access to your doorstep. Please ensure that our driver has access to your doorstep without having to contact you. If we cannot access your doorstep at the selected delivery appointment and cannot contact you, redelivery will be scheduled at a redelivery fee of $80.

For full details, please visit our terms and conditions.