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How We Work

Buy Direct From Source

After two years of preparation and refinement, Jou Sun has created the first online farmers’ market with direct sourcing. By cutting out middlemen, Jou Sun helps you buy fresher quality groceries at delightful prices from more than 35 curated farms and importers.

Every day the best food makers in town prepare orders. Our delivery team then collects and consolidate groceries into chilled boxes, delivering them to customers. Our zero-inventory model effectively eliminate food waste and maximize freshness for a sustainable food system.

Join us to revolutionize how the world eats!

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Jou Sun is not a retailer or reseller of foods. We are a marketplace that facilitates transactions between customers and vendors. In response to the request of Hong Kong FEHD, we maintain licenses to trade meat, fish and poultry online. Please refer to the respective licenses for further information.

Restricted Food Permits
  • Licence/Permit No. :
    • 0312802114
    • 0312802099
    • 0312802105
  • Endorsements/Permission:
    • Online Sales of Prepackaged Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Meat
    • Online Sales of Prepackaged Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Fish
    • Online Sales of Prepackaged Frozen and Imported Chilled Poultry