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4 Ways to Use Your Halloween Pumpkin Leftover 萬聖節南瓜好主意

Did you know that every Halloween, 18,000 tons of pumpkin go to waste in the UK alone? Check out these pumpkin recipe ideas to help you use up your pumpkin

Our staff pick their favorite Jou Sun groceries! 同事推薦最正早晨食材!

With over 1500 products, Jou Sun offers a fantastic selection of safe and fresh ingredients. We asked our staff to pick out their favorite! 早晨有超過1500款新鮮及可信的食材。究竟同事又最喜愛哪種食材呢?有請各位介紹! Tai On Chicken 泰安雞 Tender texture

Back to School Lunchbox Ideas 便當小煮意

小朋友就快開學,又要想想每天預備甚麼午餐讓他們帶回學校。讓我們介紹一些容易煮又健康的便當小煮意! It’s school again soon! Let us give you some easy-to-cook and healthy lunchbox ideas! 【主食Mains】主食最緊要是營養豐富,並且多元化。可以考慮以下菜式: Food diversity is important to kids! You can try the following: 漢堡扒 Meat patty

How to tell if a peach is ripened? 如何分辨蜜桃是否成熟?

Japanese peaches are now in season! To enjoy a Japanese peach at its best, you have to eat it at its perfect ripeness. Jou Sun presents to you three tips,

Top 3 salmon we recommend! 3款人氣三文魚!

Looking for quality, sustainable salmon? Here are our top 3 recommendations! 想選購優質又可持續的三文魚?我們推介以下3款人氣首選! HUON HUON aquaculture have been sustainably farming their salmon in the pristine waters of Tasmania for over 30 years.

How does Jou Sun work? 早晨如何運作?

Ever wondered how Jou Sun brings absurdly fresh groceries from farm to your doorstep? Here’s a behind the scenes view on how we do it! 早晨用了兩年時間,研發如何把全港最新鮮的食材送到您門口!想知道更多?立即滑下了解。   1. Order placed

3 insider secrets to help you eat healthier! 3個讓您食得更健康的小秘密

Promised yourself to eat healthier in 2019? We have 3 secret insights to help you out! 應承自己2019年會食得更健康?無難度!早晨送您3個健康小秘密!   Cherry tomatoes on a vine should have different colors! Organic cherry tomatoes

Why are there “ugly” vegetables? 爲什麽會出現“醜樣”的蔬菜?

Every now and then, we see “weird” or “ugly”-looking vegetables from our vendor farms. We asked a farmer from Ping Che Station’s Moon Kee what causes this and more importantly, whether it

What’s In Season Now? | 冬季蔬果收成表

As Hong Kong’s Largest Online Farmers’ Market, we believe in eating fresh and eating seasonal! Check out our list of Winter seasonal veggies and fruits! 作爲香港最大網上農墟,我們深信如果要吃得新鮮,就要吃得時令!滑下查閲我們的冬季時令蔬果表! Ready to shop? 準備好購物了嗎? Click here to