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全新送貨時段,最低免運費金額的變更!Delivery slot and free delivery threshold changes

*Friday (26 JUN) & Saturday (27 JUN) delivery suspended to prepare for new logistics flow. New slots available on 24 JUN* *為過渡至新送貨流程,星期五(6月26日)、六(6月27日)送貨服務將會暫停。新時段於6月24日可供選擇。* 感謝大家對<早晨>的支持。由於近數月的單量持續上升,導致物流團隊的派送服務超出負荷。過去數月購物體驗帶來煩惱,我們團隊深表歉意。我們正努力籌備新的運輸團隊,以提升我們的派送服務質素。由2020年6月29開始,早晨會聘用自家的物流團隊將為大家服務,屆時有以下的更新: Thank you for supporting Jou Sun. With

早晨服務調整Jou Sun Is Transforming

感謝您對早晨的支持。由於近數月的單量持續上升,導致物流團隊的派送服務超出負荷,運送時間延遲等情況持續,以致客戶服務團隊也受到影響。對於影響了客戶在過去數月的購物體驗和不便,我們團隊深表歉意。為了保障客人的購物體驗,我們正努力籌備新的運輸團隊,藉以加強我們的派送服務,全新的早晨物流團隊將為大家服務。對各位顧客造成不便,請多多包涵。 Thank you for supporting Jou Sun. With the steady increase in orders over the last few months, our logistics provider is struggling to cope with the demand. We are

疫情期間送貨安排 Delivery Service During Covid-19 Outbreak

在艱難的抗疫時期,每人都要盡責,做好抗疫。當大家都盡量留在家中的時候,使用網上買餸服務的人數亦有驚人的增長。早晨團隊能夠在這方面支持大家而感到自豪。同時,我們亦正在面對新挑戰,並需要實行新措施,希望能夠在此跟大家作出通知。 In these trying times, everyone has a part to play in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19. A record number of customers have turned to online grocery services such

CNY 2020 Vendor Closures 農曆新年休市安排

最近更新 Latest Update: 29th January As we welcome in the Year of the Rat, please note a number of vendor will be on holiday during the festive season. Their closure dates are

Our staff pick their favorite Jou Sun groceries! 同事推薦最正早晨食材!

With over 1500 products, Jou Sun offers a fantastic selection of safe and fresh ingredients. We asked our staff to pick out their favorite! 早晨有超過1500款新鮮及可信的食材。究竟同事又最喜愛哪種食材呢?有請各位介紹! Tai On Chicken 泰安雞 Tender texture

How to tell if a peach is ripened? 如何分辨蜜桃是否成熟?

Japanese peaches are now in season! To enjoy a Japanese peach at its best, you have to eat it at its perfect ripeness. Jou Sun presents to you three tips,

What’s In Season Now? | 冬季蔬果收成表

As Hong Kong’s Largest Online Farmers’ Market, we believe in eating fresh and eating seasonal! Check out our list of Winter seasonal veggies and fruits! 作爲香港最大網上農墟,我們深信如果要吃得新鮮,就要吃得時令!滑下查閲我們的冬季時令蔬果表! Ready to shop? 準備好購物了嗎? Click here to

Delivery on 17/9: Latest updates | 9月17日送貨安排:最新消息

Updated at: 18:29, 17/9 | 最近更新: 9月17日,18:29 17/9 DELIVERIES:SOME DELIVERIES CANCELLED | 9月17日送貨服務:部分訂單已經暫停送貨 It is with regret that our logistics partner SF Express has decided to postpone some deliveries originally scheduled

Typhoon Mangkhut: Delivery Arrangements for Monday (17 Sep) | 颱風山竹:星期一(9月17日)之特殊送貨安排

With typhoon Mangkhut causing adverse weather, orders scheduled for Monday (17 Sep) delivery may be affected. Please note that the following arrangements will be in place: If tropical cyclone signal no.8 or