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3 insider secrets to help you eat healthier! 3個讓您食得更健康的小秘密

Promised yourself to eat healthier in 2019? We have 3 secret insights to help you out! 應承自己2019年會食得更健康?無難度!早晨送您3個健康小秘密!   Cherry tomatoes on a vine should have different colors! Organic cherry tomatoes

Why are there “ugly” vegetables? 爲什麽會出現“醜樣”的蔬菜?

Every now and then, we see “weird” or “ugly”-looking vegetables from our vendor farms. We asked a farmer from Ping Che Station’s Moon Kee what causes this and more importantly, whether it

What You Should Know About Hot Pot Soup Stocks | 講解優質火鍋湯底

Hongkongers’ love towards hot pot never changes. It is an all-time favorite for many of us – we have hot pot regardless of season! While most people focus on the ingredients

Cook Your Vegetables Right – Roasting

Beautifully browned 😍. I love having everything roasted, especially vegetables. Roasting caramelizes the exterior of the veggies, while the inside is still moist and tender. Once you try roasting these veggies,

Eat Your Vegetables Right – Raw

Do you know that for some vegetables, it is better to be eaten raw than cooked? Because food-processing may take away the nutrients or even increase the calories content! 🤔 Eat

The World’s Healthiest Spice: Black Peppercorn

A THRILL to your taste buds👅. As the king of spices with a complex aroma and herbal note, black peppercorn is the ONE essential spice you add to all your

5 Foods To Prevent Flu

It’s flu season 😷, and more than 300 severe flu cases have been reported since the beginning of summer. Instead of wearing face mask or using hand sanitizer, food is also

Cook Your Vegetables Right – Steaming!

Quick and Simple. Comparing to boiling, steaming your vegetables can retain most nutrients and flavors, as nutrients like water-soluble vitamins would be lost to the boiling water. After all, water


Apple, one of our all-time favorites for snack and salad. Rich in vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, apple is, in no doubt, the delicious and “nutritional powerhouse” with low calories. But