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煙燻茶香平原雞食譜 Tea Smoked Ping Yuen Chicken Recipe

【中西名廚及美食家之選】煙燻茶香「平原雞」食譜 [Top Chef’s Choice] Tea Smoked Ping Yuen Chicken Recipe

百分百本地飼養的平原雞,油脂分佈極佳,皮香肉甜,烹調後色澤金黃、雞味濃郁,深受香港一眾中西名廚及美食家喜愛,包括米芝蓮一星ZEST的日本星級名廚Mitsuru Konishi、香港文華酒店星級名廚Robin Zavou以及Neighbourhood(亞洲50最佳餐廳)行政總廚David Lai。

100% locally breed Ping Yuen Chicken has perfectly balanced fat deposition. The chicken has a signature golden-yellow skin with incredible flavour after cooking. It is the top choice for famous chefs and foodies in Hong Kong, including Michelin 1-star restaurant ZEST’s Chef Mitsuru Konishi, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s Michelin Star Chef Robin Zavou and Neighborhood’s (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant) Executive Chef David Lai.

Ping Yuen Chicken Top Chef's Choice

Tea Smoked Ping Yuen Chicken Recipe


  1. 將平原雞洗淨抹乾,用石盅磨碎芫荽籽一湯匙,加入一湯匙鹽,搽匀全雞,包括内腔,封好放入雪櫃醃至少四小時。
    Wash Ping Yuen Chicken and wait for it to dry. Use a stone mortar and pestle to grind 1 tablespoon of coriander seed. Add 1 tablespoon of salt. Rub the entire chicken, including the cavity. Marinate and place the chicken into the refrigerator for 4 hours.
  2. 四小時後,將醃料沖走,抹乾後放涼。用頭抽、老抽各兩湯匙搽匀上色,倒走多餘醬油,封好入雪櫃至少半小時。
    Wash the marinade from the chicken. Pat dry chicken.
    Rub the chicken evenly with soy sauce and dark soy sauce (2 tablespoon each). Place the chicken into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  3. 半小時後,可以開始蒸雞,全程半小時。首十分鐘大火,然後關至細火二十分鐘。完成後,用筷子篤入雞腿最厚肉的部位,如果筷子上雞汁不帶紅,代表雞已經熟。蒸雞的雞汁可以隔油後點雞用。
    Steam the chicken for 30 minutes, first 10 minutes over high heat. Then over low heat in the next 20 minutes.
    Use a chopstick and poke into the chicken thigh. If there is no blood on the chopstick, it indicates that the chicken is cooked. You can keep the residue from steaming chicken for later use.
  4. 茶燻 – 用飯鋪底,加入茶葉、冰糖,用大火,當出白煙時將雞放入,煙燻二十分鐘就完成了!
    Tea Smoked – Use rice on the bottom, add tea leaves and rock sugar over high heat. When there is white smoke, place the chicken into the pot for 20 minutes.
  5. 建議於通風處將全隻雞放涼,完全冷才斬件。這樣確保不會將煙燻雞斬爛。肉汁亦會變成啫哩狀。
    Suggestion – Cool the chicken until it is completely cool before chopping.

食譜提供 Recipe from:Andy Tam
相片提供 Photos from:Andy Tam

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