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全新送貨時段,最低免運費金額的變更!Delivery slot and free delivery threshold changes

*Friday (26 JUN) & Saturday (27 JUN) delivery suspended to prepare for new logistics flow. New slots available on 24 JUN*
Thank you for supporting Jou Sun. With the steady increase in orders over the last few months, our current logistics provider is struggling to cope with the demand. We sincerely apologize for any unsatisfactory customer experience in the last few months. We are finalizing our plans to serve you with a Jou Sun-managed logistics team from June 29, 2020 in order to improve our delivery service, with the following updates to our service:

物流團隊會於送貨前一晚透過 WhatsApp 短信通知送貨時間。


 Due to rapid increase in orders recently, the delivery time may delay a little bit.

Delivery time estimate will be sent to your phone the evening before delivery
To request a change, just respond and we will be in touch in the morning.

*Due to rapid increase in orders recently, the delivery time may delay a little bit.

*Concierge Fee will be canceled from 29 June,2020


Returnable totes
Dry ice for frozen goods

All orders harvested, butchered prepared on delivery day


What will happen to my PLUS membership?


We are working on new PLUS membership scheme that will take into account the new delivery arrangement. In the meantime, we are offering you the following interim benefits should you continue to stay with us as a member.
詳情請瀏覽 learn more:www.jousun.com/plus

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