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Our staff pick their favorite Jou Sun groceries! 同事推薦最正早晨食材!

With over 1500 products, Jou Sun offers a fantastic selection of safe and fresh ingredients. We asked our staff to pick out their favorite!


Staff recommendation - tai on chicken

Tai On Chicken 泰安雞

Tender texture and unparalleled flavors!

– Jonathan

Staff recommendation - ora king salmon

Fresh King Salmon Fillet 新鮮帝皇三文魚件

Melts in your mouth! Tastier than any salmon I’ve had before!


– Andrew

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Staff recommendation - iberico pork

Iberian Pork Spareribs 黑毛豬排骨粒

I love the tenderness and the versatility!


– Chris

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Staff recommendation - minced pork

免治豬肉 Minced Pork

Great value, great taste!


– Tim

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Staff recommendation - red amaranth

Red Amaranth 紅莧菜

Farm fresh! This is what veggies should taste like!


– Leonard

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Staff recommendation - sweet potato leaves

Sweet Potato Leaves 蕃薯苗

The leaves are great for stir-frying, and the stem is perfect for making soup!


– Jessica

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Staff recommendation - seedless red grapes

Seedless Red Grapes 無核紅提子

Crisp and sweet!


– Rinky

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Staff recommendation - hk organic dragon fruit

Organic Red Pitaya 有機紅肉火龍果

Sweet and delicate!

– Brian

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Staff recommendation - kei o brittle trio

其奧招牌花生軟糖三寶 Kei O Signature Peanut Trio

Traditionally made and irresistible!


– Charlie

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