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Back to School Lunchbox Ideas 便當小煮意


It’s school again soon! Let us give you some easy-to-cook and healthy lunchbox ideas!


Food diversity is important to kids! You can try the following:

  • 漢堡扒 Meat patty
  • 雞肉/牛肉串 Chicken/ beef skewers 
  • 煎三文魚 Salmon slice 
  • 蔬菜春卷 Veggies spring roll 
  • 日式飯團 Japanese rice balls 
  • 蕎麥麵 Soba noodles with asparagus/ mushroom
  • 螺絲粉沙律 Pasta Salad

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Telling kids to eat more veggies is certainly one of the hardest things to do on earth – colorful lunchboxes can help you with that!

  • 西蘭花 Broccoli
  • 切片青瓜 Sliced cucumbers 
  • 切絲紅椒 Sliced red bell peppers 
  • 西芹 Celery 
  • 豆角 String beans
  • 車厘茄 Cherry tomatoes 

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  • 日式半熟蛋 (用殺菌雞蛋就可以更安心食用)Japanese half-boiled eggs (Safer if you use pasteurized eggs) 
  • 煎荷包蛋 Sunny-side up eggs 
  • 有機腸仔 Organic Sausages
  • 和牛粒 Wagyu Dices 
  • 芝士粒 Cheese Dices 

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Putting fruits that do not oxidize so easily and are convenient to eat – that’s the way to a balanced diet!

  • 切粒芒果 Diced Mango 
  • 藍莓/ 紅桑子 Blueberries/ Raspberries 
  • 提子 Red and green grapes 

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Mix and match to make a colorful lunchbox for your kids! We are sure they will be so attracted to eat!

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