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Top 3 salmon we recommend! 3款人氣三文魚!

Looking for quality, sustainable salmon? Here are our top 3 recommendations!



HUON aquaculture have been sustainably farming their salmon in the pristine waters of Tasmania for over 30 years. They are committed to the welfare of their fish, and achieve the world’s lowest stock density ratio of 1% fish to 99% water.

ORA King

Farmed in New Zealand, ORA King offers sustainably farmed king salmon, which sits at the top of salmon hierarchy with beautiful marbling, full-on flavors, and a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth texture – no wonder some call it wagyu of the sea.

於紐西蘭可持續養殖的 ORA King 帝皇三文魚,屬最頂級的三文魚品種,油花分佈均勻,味道濃郁,啖啖入口即溶-難怪亦被稱為海洋界中的和牛。

Wild Sockeye

B.C. Fine Food’s wild sockeye salmon are caught in the Pacific Ocean of Western Canada, featuring rich flavors, firm and meaty textures, and intense red flesh! They’re also sashimi grade!

B.C. Fine Food 的野生Sockeye三文魚在加拿大西部的太平洋海捕獲,味道濃郁,魚肉較實,肉色鮮紅,更是刺身級的三文魚。

Neither is better by default. There are many factors to deciding which is better. The importance should be where the fish lived, or how it was farmed. Look out for certifications from bodies such as ASC and Seafood Watch that identify and recognize responsible aquaculture.

野生不一定是更好的選擇。要決定哪種更好也要考慮很多不同因素。最重要是了解魚隻的生活環境或如何養殖。如貨品有ASC或Seafood Watch等機構的認證,證明魚隻來自有責任地養殖的魚場就更佳。


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