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How does Jou Sun work? 早晨如何運作?

Ever wondered how Jou Sun brings absurdly fresh groceries from farm to your doorstep? Here’s a behind the scenes view on how we do it!



1. Order placed 客人下單

Customer places their order on JouSun.com. We are committed to providing detailed product and vendor information for the sake of transparency and traceability.



2. Vendor Notified 供應商收到通知

Vendors automatically receive orders on a phone app, allowing them to harvest, butcher and prepare your items on demand on delivery day.



3. Prepared on demand 按單準備

Our vendors are passionate about their food, and they pick the best item for you, just like how you would choose the best apple in a supermarket!



4. Direct from farms 由農場直送

Vendors deliver to one of our 10 pickup points across HK. Our logistics partner then transports all items to our sorting facility.



5. Sorted for convenience 按訂單分類貨品

Items from different vendors are sorted into customer orders for one convenient delivery. Chilled and frozen items are sorted in an industrial-grade cold storage facility. All items leave sorting on the same day as we do not keep stock.


6. Freshly delivered 食材新鮮送到

Fresh groceries arrive at a two-hour time slot of your choosing. Our doorstep option is packaged differently in a box to maintain proper temperatures for a longer period.

Want to learn more? Watch our video!

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