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3 insider secrets to help you eat healthier! 3個讓您食得更健康的小秘密

Promised yourself to eat healthier in 2019? We have 3 secret insights to help you out!



Cherry tomatoes on a vine should have different colors!
Organic cherry tomatoes on the vine should all have slightly different shades of color. That’s because they all get different levels of nutrients, with the two closest to the stem getting the most! If every tomato on the vine is the same color, it is very likely that something extra must have been done to them.



The King of Omega 3 isn’t salmon!
Omega 3 is great for a healthy heart, for lower blood pressure, for infant development, for fighting depression and anxiety, and so much more! Salmon is the famous source for omega 3, but the local jade perch actually offers up to 3 times as much omega 3!



Hen or the rooster?
Traditionally, the hen is the preferred choice for eating, as its higher fat content gives it superior flavors and texture compared to roosters. These days, those are who particularly health conscious are able to choose the leaner rooster from brands such as Kamei Chicken.



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