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The Jou Sun HK Pork Chop Megatest Part 1 | 早晨香港豬扒味蕾爭霸戰 (上)

Talk about local farming in Hong Kong and many would at least know of vegetable and chicken farming. However, pig farming seems to be more of a hidden secret – many people simply don’t know that pigs are still farmed in our city. As Hong Kong’s Largest Online Farmers’ Market, we know because, well, we have vendors of local pork on our platform. Yet, we’ve never put Jou Sun pork side-by-side to see what they are like and, hopefully, conclude with a winner… that is, until now! Let the Jou Sun Pork Megatest begin!



The Contenders 選手簡介

Ying Ming Iberico Pork 英明黑真豬

We ordered two local pork chops available on JouSun.com, freshly butchered on delivery day as usual of course. One of the chops is 100% Hong Kong-bred and raised Iberico pork from Ying Ming Farm. Mr. Wan, owner of Ying Ming Farm, is the second generation pig farmer with a passion for these black pigs. Following extensive research and farm visits abroad, Mr. Wan imported a number of Iberico pigs from Taiwan with genetic make-up of breeds from Spain, Japan and the US. His carefully bred and raised pigs are fed a corn and soy-bean diet, and live in a roomy, climate-controlled environment with access to free-flowing water. These pigs are also raised with no antibiotics or added-hormone. With a longer maturation period than other breeds, only 1 (un)lucky Iberico pig is butchered everyday.

比賽當日,我們於《早晨》訂購了兩塊豬扒,均為送貨當日屠宰; 其中一名「選手」來自英明農場,為100%香港培殖和飼養的黑毛豬。尹偉明是豬農二代,同時亦是英明農場的負責人;他對飼養黑毛豬情有獨鍾。於他而言,飼養黑毛豬絕對不是倉猝的決定。經過多次研究和造訪,尹先生決定由台灣引入具西班牙、日本種和美國血統的黑毛豬。他細心培殖豬隻,並為他們提供優良的成長條件:以栗米和黃豆作食糧,並居住於寛闊、恆溫養殖場內,而且設有無限供水的水源。在豬隻的飼養過程中,豬農絕不使用抗生素或添加激素,故黑毛豬的熟成時間一般較長。因此,豬農每日只會屠宰一隻黑毛豬。


Wah Kee Bath Pork 華記農場

Wah Kee Farm’s owner is no ordinary farmer. Charles is actually biochemist by training, with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College. His quest to offer quality Hong Kong-raised pork led him to import a number of pure-bred pigs from Bath, UK some 20 years ago. Pigs at Wah Kee Farm today continue to be the direct descendants of these pigs. Also raised on a corn and soybean-diet without antibiotics or added-hormone, these pigs are raised in the only farm in Hong Kong certified with ISO9001 in production management, complemented by fresh run-off water from nearby mountains.



Generic Chinese Pork From The Wet Market 市售豬肉

We also included a generic Mainland Chinese pork chop purchased from a wet market. To ensure fairness, we purchased the pork chop on the day we received our Jou Sun order (i.e. on the day of the test).



Introductions over, click here to read about our taste test and find out our winner!



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