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Wing Ming Chickens Raised In The Backyard 在後花園養雞的永明農場

When people do backyard farming for greens, Mr. Lee, the owner of Wing Ming Farm does backyard chicken farming with his acre of land in Yuen Long. Having shared the same roof with chickens for nearly half a century, Mr. Lee takes them as his own and cares for them day in and day out.

當人人喺後花園種花時,你有無諗過喺自己嘅後花園養雞? 永明農場主人李生正正就係後者。李生近五十年前打破慣例,將自己元朗住所的後花園改建為一個養雞場。

Running the chicken farm as a family business (and right outside his doorstep), he ensures his chickens are healthily nourished with quality corn feed mixed with sustainable fish powder and no added hormones. AND he feeds the chickens with immunity-boosting Chinese medicinal herbs too.

在李生的農場, 人與雞只有一門之隔;雞隻除了詩李生的生計同時亦為夥伴 。就是這一種親密的距離,令李生對農場的雞隻視如己出並日夜悉心呵護。正所為人如其食-雞亦無一例外,雞隻的健康與其飲食不可分割。就是這個原因,令李生對飼料的質素特別講究。永明雞從小就進食高營養的粟米及可持續魚粉,並服用中藥為保健康。

“People call my chickens ‘stone chickens”


‘Stone chicken’ is named after the fact that his chickens are as heavy as stone and have a smooth yet firm texture, a result of their rich protein fish powder diet. That also means that each bite is a meaty one that carnivores will love.

種瓜得瓜,種豆得豆。 李生對飼料的堅持令永明農場的雞們豐滿實肉,更在街坊的口中獲得石頭雞一美名。肉味濃厚的永明雞,相信能夠滿足大家身邊的「食肉獸」!

Do you see the crow-like creature Mr. Lee is holding in the picture above? It is not actually a crow, but a type of Silkie chicken unique to his farm. To be exact, this one is a close relative to the Silkie chickens that originated in rural China, and can be called a ‘Black-bone chicken’ (烏骨雞). This chicken does not have the funny, flurry, hippie-like appearance of more common Silkie chickens, but it does share the distinctive characteristics of common Silkie chickens, including a black beak, eyes, feet, meat and bones.  More importantly, it is more nutritious than yellow chickens and is usually used in soups as well as diet therapy.

見到上圖,你可能會懷疑李生手中是否拿著一隻烏鴉。其實,圖中的「烏鴉」卻是一隻永明農場特有的烏骨雞。永明農場所出產的烏骨雞雖然沒有鬆幼細的羽毛;但如市面常見的中國烏雞一樣,其皮、肉、骨、喙均為黑色 。烏骨雞滋陰清熱、具營養價值;常用於食療當中,適宜作為煨湯、炖食之用。


But which Wing Ming chicken should I choose? 但我應該怎樣選購永明雞呢?

To some, a chicken is just a chicken. But do you know how to identify and choose between the different chickens available from Wing Ming Farm? This is why we made this comparison table to make things easier for you.

永明農場目前有數款雞種:烏雞、黑羽雞及三黃雞。選雞的時候,難免觸發我們的「選擇恐懼症」。 所以,我們準備了以下的圖表, 希望有助大家認辨雞種及選購合適的雞隻。

A note on cooking methods: some chickens are commonly recommended for certain methods. For example, it is a general conception that the Silkie chicken is only used for soups, but here’s a wise word from Mr. Lee,


It’s all about personal preferences. As a chicken farmer, I always prefer steamed chicken, as it is the best way to determine if the chicken is of good quality and taste.  Just rub the chicken with salt and steam for 20 mins. And there you go, a scrumptious steamed chicken dish.



Chicken or egg? 雞還是蛋?

We don’t know what came first either, but when there are chickens, of course there are eggs. Wing Ming Farm are very proud of their fresh eggs. What makes their eggs different is that their eggs are not from specially purposed egg-laying chickens (蛋雞), but from hens, meaning that the eggs are as nutritious as if they are meant to be hatched if fertilized, and by extension more nutritious than most other eggs available commercially.

我們也不知道是先有雞還是先有蛋,但有雞就必有蛋。 永明農場亦不例外,農場所出產的雞蛋為李生最驕傲的產品。 所有永明蛋由「肉雞」所生,有別一般市場常見由「蛋雞」所生的雞蛋。「肉雞」蛋就是農場用來生小雞的蛋,一般產量較少,營養比「蛋雞」蛋高,市面上亦比較難尋。

This cute little egg marks the end of the egg-laying cycle and the hen gets to enjoy a short holiday before another egg-laying cycle hits again.



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