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Farmers Choice: Farmers. Dreamers 農圃:一個實現有機夢的故事

You only live once. Therefore, you should dare to dream. Robert, a businessman from Hong Kong, decided to realise his dream of owning a farm. His dream is simple but beautiful – to grow high quality organic produce so that people can eat safer and healthier.

人的一生只能活一次。所以你應該出盡全力去追求自己的夢想! Robert本是一位生意人,在他努力經營他自己的事業後,他決定去實現自己的夢想——擁有一片農場。他的夢想雖然很簡單但卻很是美麗,他想經營的不是一般的農場,而是一片給高品質有機農作物生長的地方,希望讓顧客吃得安心又健康!

His dream was triggered by his friend’s daughter, who was diagnosed with scoliosis as a result of over-consuming hormones commonly used in conventional farming. However, finding suitable land in Hong Kong seems to be mission impossible due to scarcity and skyrocketing land prices. Instead, he searched for suitable land in China and eventually discovered a piece of unpolluted virgin land in rural Lanshan, Hunan province. He then hired agricultural experts from all over Asia to cultivate the land and prepare it for farming use. Eventually, this piece of long-neglected land turned into an ideal one for organic farming – its fields are situated on hillside slopes, forming a closed-off farming environment and prevent leaching of chemicals and polluted fertilizer from other farms. And this is how the story of Farmers Choice began.

不提你也不會料到,他的夢想是因爲目睹朋友的女兒因受激素影響,患上脊柱側凸而被啓發的。但是,因為香港天價的土地,尋找一處地方來作農務可說是一件不可能完成的任務。所以他只好到內地去尋找合適的土地,幸好最後在南山成功尋覓到一處未被污染的好地方!他更用心地從亞洲各地聘請農業專家來管理農地。最後,這一片原本被荒廢的土地搖身一變成為一片肥沃的有機農地。其田地位於山坡上,封閉的農業環境可避免來自其他農田的污染或化學肥料的影響,以確保農作物健康地成長。Robert 就是這樣成立了農圃有機菜農。

Organic farming is more than pesticide-free and fertilizer-free. They have to make sure that their water, soil and air comply with the organic quality specifications. They built their own well and use the water for irrigation, they refrained from using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and they set their farm in a remote area which is 5 km away from any urban and industrial areas.



All Farmers Choice produce have obtained organic certification from organic product regulatory bodies SAC and IFOAM. They also engaged Intertek to test for metal and pesticide residues on their produce delivered to Hong Kong to achieve further assurance. Their efforts in maintaining a safe growing environment and adhering to international standards of organic farming ensure that consumers can enjoy safe and healthy produce.


They treat their plants as their children, investing in much time and effort to nurture them from a seed to a small plant, and eventually vegetables. Because Farmers Choice does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, their produce are smaller and take a longer time to grow. However, they are also naturally higher quality, being juicier, their fiber content higher and their texture better. Currently, Farmers Choice produce up to 60 different kinds of vegetables ranging from watermelon and salad greens, to asparagus and rice.


It is easy for people to consume vegetables without realising the effort behind them. Robert recalls how many people thought it was foolish of him to run a farm with highest organic standards in all aspects. However, he and his team find it worthwhile. It is their dream to provide the most natural and healthy choice for consumers. It is also their dream that in the future, everyone can enjoy safe and healthy organic vegetables.



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