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Here’s How Your Groceries Stay Fresh 運送新鮮食材的幕後過程


We understand you’re after the freshest groceries when you choose to buy your groceries direct from farms. That’s why we work hard to ensure that items stay just as fresh throughout our sorting and delivery processes. We went behind the scenes to bring you footage of what happens from picking up your groceries at our vendors all the way to delivery at your doorstep!


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Here are the key steps:



1. Pick up items from vendors 到商戶收貨

Jou Sun doesn’t keep stock of groceries or have a warehouse, so each morning our drivers pick up items directly from our 30+ vendors across Hong Kong. Fresh items from local farms to harvested or butchered on the day of delivery.



2. Items carefully sorted into customer orders 到達分貨點

Our drivers meet up at our sorting point to consolidate all items. They then help to carefully sort items into individual customers’ orders. Orders for attended delivery are placed in baskets while orders for doorstep delivery are placed in boxes.




3. Chilled and frozen items are sorted in cold storage 冷凍及雪藏貨品於凍倉内分貨

Chilled and frozen items are sorted in an industrial-grade cold storage facility available at our sorting point. They are put into insulated boxes and remain in these boxes while in the van, ensuring they stay cold throughout delivery.




4. Two types of ice packs keep your items cold 使用兩款冰包,保持貨品冷凍

We put two types of ice packs in the insulated boxes. Two commercial-use slab-type ice packs come straight out of a deep freezer while smaller packs provide enhanced chilling.




5. Sorting complete, ready for delivery 分貨完成,準備送貨

Once sorting is complete, our drivers load up their vans based on pre-set routing to ensure they deliver on-time.



We aim to bring you the freshest groceries in HK delivered to your door. Shop Now on JouSun.com to taste the Farm Fresh Difference!


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