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A Handy Guide To Chicken Cuts! 雞隻不同部位的奧妙!

Talk about versatile ingredients and you simply have to mention chicken. The different cuts of a chicken all have their own characteristics and are great bases for delicious dishes — if they are used right! Here’s our handy guide to a few major chicken cuts and what you should know about them to turn them into fantastic dishes.



  1. Breasts 雞胸肉

They are popular among people who are keeping fit as they are the leanest parts of the chicken. Apart from boiling your chicken breasts, you can cook them in whatever way you want: pan-fry, stuffing, bake, roast or barbecue. Just remember not to overcook them as they will become dry easily. You may add sliced chicken breasts into Caesar salad for a healthy meal. You may also add chopped or diced chicken breasts into fried rice.



  1. Wings 雞翼

Chicken wings have thick skin and are rich in fat, which make them succulent and crispy when roasted, grilled or barbecued. You can enhance the flavour by coating them with a sweet honey glazing. They are also popular here in Hong Kong as home-cooked dishes: curry chicken wings, braised coca-cola chicken wings and braised soy sauce chicken wings. Bonus tip: add potatoes to stew and simmer until they are tender. They will absorb the sauce and become extremely scrumptious!



  1. Drumsticks 雞槌

Drumsticks are also a big barbecue favourite. Great for roasting, grilling or barbecues, their crispy skin complements every meaty and succulent bite. Drumsticks are also perfect ingredients for one-pot dishes such as curries which are simple and convenient as they don’t leave you with too much washing up. Want to some finger food for parties? You can deep-fry the drumsticks and serve them with spice or chutney. Your friends are going to love them!



  1. Thighs 雞上髀

Many people’s favourite cuts of chicken are the thighs. Their firmer meat and tender texture are incredibly pleasing and mouth-watering. Roast the thighs with their skin on and the crispy and juicy chicken thighs will definitely amaze you. They are also ideal for making kebabs or a tray-baked dish with potatoes and vegetables. You can also stir-fry sliced or diced thighs with vegetables such as bell peppers or mushroom, or fruits such as mango or pineapple.



  1. Whole chicken 全雞隻

If you want to enjoy all the cuts at a time, why not choose a whole chicken? You can enjoy its original flavours by simply steaming it the classic Chinese way, serving it with a ginger scallion sauce. Poaching is also a good way to retain its flavours and feel free to add vegetables to make yourself a soothing veggie chicken soup. Of course, you may enjoy it roasted too, from simple salt and pepper seasoning to a lemon and herb stuffing.



They say the world is your oyster… Oddly enough, when you’re looking for nutritious and delicious meals, chicken may just be your oyster!

在英語中有一句諺語:「整個世界都是您的牡蠣。」(The world is your oyster),意思是指「整個世界可以任您遨遊」。說來也怪,當您看見眼前這香氣誘人,美味無窮的菜式,雞肉可能就是您的牡蠣!


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