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6 tips to store food the right way!

Using fresh food is the key to making delicious dishes. But how do you ensure that your food is fresh? By storing the food properly. We’ve put some tips together to store your food so they can kept fresh for just a little bit longer!

1. Store according to chill/freeze label

You’ll notice that Jou Sun items have labels saying ‘chilled’, or ‘frozen’. The golden rule is to store food according to the instructions on the label – if it says “chilled”, keep the food in the fridge; if it says “frozen”, keep the food in the freezer. By storing the food properly, your food will never reach the “temperature danger zone” – where bacteria can grow quickly and cause food-related illness. It is best to consume fresh food within 3 days.


Bearing this golden rule in mind, here are some tips for storing different kinds of food.


2. Vacuum-sealed meat

 Freaked out by browned areas on that vacuum-sealed meat you just received? Relax! It has not turned bad and is still of excellent quality. Meat browning in this case is merely a result of a chemical reaction in a vacuumed environment, where oxygen is released from myoglobin, the red pigment in the meat, giving the meat a brownish colour. This should slowly fade away after you open the packaging. Remember our golden rule? All you have to do is to store it according to its label.


3. Corn

The sweetness of corns gradually fades away after harvesting as the enzymes inside rush to convert sugars into other compounds. Luckily, our corns are only harvested on the day of delivery. Once you receive them, chill them instantly to slow down the actions of these enzymes and you will be able to enjoy their sweetest best.

4. Vegetables

Put them in a bag with some holes punctured to allow for good air flow. Leave an inch to keep them from drying out. Finally, pack them loosely in the fridge – the closer they are, the quicker they will rot. You may rinse and dry the leafy greens before refrigerating them, while soft herbs and mushrooms should not be washed until right before they are used.


5. Hydroponic vegetables

Proper storage of hydroponic vegetables can extend their storage life and help retain their flavour and nutrient value. You can keep them in the fridge, with their roots soaked in a container filled with water. This will help them stay hydrated for longer and taste as fresh as when they just left the farm on the morning of your delivery.

6. Bonus tip: keeping your greens green

Want your greens to stay green even after you’ve cooked them? Add salt to a large quantity of water and cook the vegetables uncovered to remove the acids inside them. Don’t cook for over 7 minutes as chlorophyll in the vegetables will lose its bright green colour after that. Tada! A dish of attractively green vegetables is done!

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