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Jou Sun: Harvest On Demand | Watch Our NEW Intro Video!


The Jou Sun Intro Video is out NOW! 🎬 We made this video to show you how Jou Sun combines technology and local farmers’ expertise to help bring you Farm Fresh Groceries that’s harvested on the day of delivery. We’re here to bring you food that’s fresher, grown more responsibly, and to help support local farmers too! 👨‍🌾

早晨全新宣傳片有得睇啦!🎥 我地為大家介紹早晨點樣運用科技同本地農夫嘅知識,帶畀你送貨當日收割嘅新鮮農產品。我地為你提供更新鮮,有責任地種養嘅食物,並同時支持本地農業!👨‍🌾


Jou Sun: HK’s Largest Online Farmer’s Market

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