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Finding the ultimate egg: The Jou Sun Egg Megatest Part 2

In the first part of our Megatest, we put our egg contenders up against each other on two freshness tests. While the CP egg (which admittedly we’ve had for around two weeks) was a little bit less fresh than the others, all was still to play for as we moved into this second part–cooking the eggs and taste testing them!

Here are the eggs going up against each other once again:

Sunny Side Up

The Sunny Side Up: a stereotypical symbol of a fresh, hearty breakfast. Perfect as well in our case to test the flavours of perfectly runny yolks (and to look good!). It took us a while to fry up one egg at a time, but once we have, the constant typing in the busy Jou Sun Office stopped abruptly.

First impressions are important, and we asked everyone which egg they thought looked the best. Granted none of us are capable of delivering the consistency of a professional chef, but the Pace Farm egg won this test by a mile, thanks largely to the intense orange of its glistening yolk.

Given the closeness of the freshness tests, we were surprised to find the eggs tasting so differently from each other. The US, Thai CP, and Chinese eggs taste most like the normal eggs we know–nothing outstanding, but familiar, perhaps thanks to their wide availability in Hong Kong. The Jou Sun eggs all tasted different, with the Kamei egg not having quite intense flavours, but boasting an extra large yolk. The Pace Farm egg was fragrant with a smooth, almost creamy yolk. But the egg that impressed us most was the Hilltribe egg, with rich and intense flavours coming through in sweet and savoury layers. If mums were to say ‘this is what fresh eggs used to taste like’, we imagine this is it. Hilltribe takes the lead.


Hard-boiled Egg

The hard-boiled egg is not only easier to cook consistently, but also ideal for really showing off the nuances in the flavours of each egg, free from distractions like oil. By this round, our only Thai and Mainland Chinese eggs have been used, so it was down to just four contenders.

Unsurprisingly, the yolks revealed themselves to all be in different shades of yellow. When cooked like this, only a taste test could differentiate the good from the truly outstanding.

Once again, the US eggs tasted familiar and acceptable, but not in any remarkable way. The Kamei egg tasted a little richer when boiled, while the Pace Farm egg didn’t stand out as much in hard boiled form. The Hilltribe performed just as fantastically, retaining its intense, layered flavours, impressing us all once again.


Have we found our favourite?

Well the Hilltribe Free Range Organic egg from Thailand was a clear winner in the office, delivering that wow factor with its rich, intense flavours in both fried and hard-boiled forms. It has to be said that, though we found the other eggs to be less full-on with their flavours, they definitely all taste very different and have their own characteristics.

We’ve also learnt that eggs really do taste different depending on how they’re cooked, so don’t give up on a particular type just because you didn’t like them scrambled. And really, it is down to what flavours you’re after too. Some of our vegetarian colleagues even shied away from our winner as it reminded them of chicken meat. Lesson of the day? Free range and organic eggs do seem to be advantageous in terms of flavours, but definitely shop around and be willing to try! There is a reason why there are so many popular varieties available in shops–and on the Jou Sun platform!


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Comments (2):

  1. Shirley

    June 12, 2018 at 9:50 am

    I always try to buy Kamei egg because it hasn’t flown on a plane to get here. I support local industry whenever I don’t need to sacrifice quality ,like buying from Jousun. It’s the least I can do.

    • dev

      June 13, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      Thank you for choosing local and for supporting us, Shirley!


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