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How Wakeboarding Led To A Career Change For This Fish Farmer

This week we’ve been introducing you to a few of our heroes who work hard to provide us with Farm Fresh Groceries. Check out our previous blog post about a couple of very interesting vegetable farmers if you haven’t already! Today we’re looking at another vendor who’s passionate about local farming, but only became involved a few years ago through a unique life story. Meet one of our fish farmers, Alex, whose passion for the sea led to his jump from a career in Design! 

Alex initially bought the fish farm in Yung Shue O near Sai Kung to use as the perfect base for wakeboarding. As part of owning a fish farm, he was required by legislation to keep a minimum stock of fish and seafood. However, his gradual exposure to mainstream fishery practices in Hong Kong and Mainland China (where much of HK’s seafood is imported from) made him realise he was in a powerful position to offer better alternatives — quality fish and seafood that is raised in Hong Kong waters with care, a sense of responsibility, and food safety in mind.

With his new found passion in fish farming, Alex combines innovation in feeding and preparation to ensure his products are fresh and safe. He’s experimented with new feed mixes for different fish types, including incorporating the probiotic drink Yakult and ingredients found in Chinese Medicine! He’s also invested in new chilling innovations to ensure his products maintain their texture and flavour better than those prepared through conventional freezing techniques. Clearly driven by both his head and his heart,  Alex now has more types of fish and seafood than any other fish farms in Hong Kong, with more than 10 varieties.

You can purchase Alex’s products through the FMO Store on Jou Sun, which sells accredited products that go through stringent quality assurance tests for food safety. Remember to pre-order two days in advance though!


Visit the FMO Store: http://bit.ly/2snpX0I

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